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Common Problems with Glass Doors

Glass doors can come in many different shapes sizes and formats, each with their own specialist requirements.

Just some of the situations where you can find glass used in doors includes sliding doors, bi-fold doors, as well as hinged doors, with each susceptible to issues that need professional rectification.

Sliding glass doors can often develop problems with worn or broken rollers, which can be a very difficult part to replace, especially when the specification between the different rollers available on the market varies greatly, catering to a huge variety of door designs.

With their extensive knowledge, Lock and Roll technicians know the go-to parts, every time!

Another common problem can be found in the sliding glass door tracks, with damage or deterioration occurring to the aluminium.

Worn weather seals meanwhile can cause a range of issues, from whistling or shaking in high winds, to allowing draughts through, which ultimately can drive up heating or cooling costs.

Lock and Roll have all of the necessary parts and know how ready to go!

Bi-fold doors meanwhile can suffer from a range of issues which can be caused by factors such as age of the door, movement within the building, or simple every day wear and tear from extended use.

Any of these problems can cause the door to jam or shudder, making them hard to open or close properly.

Because they are a specialised door systems, the hardware involved in bi fold doors can be quite complex, with the hinges and tracks having to work in perfect harmony, which requires specialist attention.

The more standard hinged doors come in a variety of configurations, with glass commonly used in decorative front doors with a wooden frame, or often in the commercial setting with an aluminium frame.

Lock and Roll are adept at fixing hinged door issues, including problems surrounding the doors getting stuck when being open or closed, while the hinges can often have problems which require attention.

Door Repairs 101: How do you fix a swollen door that won’t close?

One of the most annoying common problems in the house is a door that won’t close properly, but fortunately, Lock and Roll’s experts are at your service to fix any door or window issues you could possibly ever have!

Wooden doors can at times have trouble closing – there’s no one easy fix – all doors face different problems, depending on their construction, local conditions and many other factors.

Here we delve into the different issues that are out there, and how Lock and Roll can help you get out of a sticking situation!

Wooden Doors

Because wooden doors are designed to fit snugly within a given frame, with tight tolerances to ensure that there are no excessive draughts, small cases of swelling, warping or changing of shape can have a major bearing on the functionality of the door.

Doors can swell against the floor, a part of the frame, or even the ceiling.

The biggest issue that can cause problems for doors, especially externally facing doors, is the presence of moisture.

Temperature also can play a part – warmth can cause the wood to expand, meaning doors can become hard to close.

Shifts in temperature can be caused by the ambient change in line with the seasons, or because of a heater, or other heat source situated near the door.

A lack of ventilation may also be an issue – if particularly humid air cannot circulate in a room in the warmer months.

Wood, by its very nature can expand and contract when it is exposed to the above elements, and with more exposure, the chances diminish that the door will return to its original shape.

Professional Door Experts

Fixing a warped internal or external door is not necessarily an easy task – fortunately the experts at Lock and Roll know what to look for, and are able to assess and fix even the toughest jobs.

They not only identify where the issue lies, but also advise on what the best remedy available is – which is dependent on the type, size and location of the issue.

In cases where the warping isn’t excessive, it may simply be a case of sanding back the trouble area, to ensure adequate clearance allowing for the door to close without catching on the frame or the floor.

Depending on the location of the issue, the door may need to be removed from its hinges for the remediation work.

The clean-up of saw dust can also be a problem associated with these works, especially if the door is located on a carpeted area.

If sanding the affected area is the best course of action, the repairs should also be treated with a protective coating, to limit the chances of future warping.

While a visual inspection may disclose the portion of the door which is rubbing, expert attention must be paid to only removing the portion of the door which has warped; doing away with too much wood may make the door too small for its frame, causing a further issue with draughts, or mean that the door will not close as intended.

Another rectification method can be the addition of extra hinges, as directed by an expert, with the additional contact points with the frame holding the wood tight.

While on hinges, old or unoiled hinges can make a door difficult to open and close, these can be replaced or be serviced depending on the individual situation.

Hinge screws may need to be tightened, or if the screw holes are worn, the hinges moved up or down the frame to ensure secure fastening.

A loose hinge may very easily cause the door to catch on the floor or ceiling.

Another issue could revolve around a misalignment of the latch and the strike plate, which can have a fix on either the top or the bottom hinge, or by enlarging the hole in the metal strike plate.

A further remedy at this end would be the relocation of the strike plate, possibly in combination with the enlargement of the strike plate mortice, which involves chiselling out a larger cavity, filling the left over hole, reattaching the strike plate, and re-finishing the repairs with the same paint colour as the rest of the door frame.

In extreme cases, the door may be too badly warped to be repaired, with Lock and Roll able to advise you of a suitable replacement door.

Alternatively, there may be underlying issues at play, for instance shifts or movements within the building as a whole which can cause door closing problems, with issues stemming from poor original construction or shifting foundations.

These larger issues can be diagnosed by your Lock and Roll expert.

The people you can trust for awning window repairs in Sydney

Fix Awning Windows in Sydney

While sometimes you think a Do It Yourself repair will suffice, the fact is, that when it comes to security of your home of business, you should leave it to the experts at Lock and Roll!

All of our technicians are fully trained and certified with a master security license, which gives our customers the ultimate peace of mind.

What’s more, all of our company representatives are backed up by the Alchin Long Group, which has over 50 years of experience in the window and door hardware industry, which gives you the knowledge that you are leaving your job in the hands of an expert.

Further to this, all parts, components and systems installed by Lock and Roll come with the full factory warranty from the manufacturer, while we stand by the high quality of our workmanship.

As a common courtesy, Lock and Roll technicians pledge to arrive at a job on time, or pre-arrange for an alternate time slot at your convenience, ensuring you don’t waste your valuable time and effort.

Having repairs carried out by Lock and Roll is incredibly simple, either contact us via our website or over the phone, where we will be able to deliver an obligation free quote for the work to be completed, with our technicians well stocked with most components ever required to finish a job.

This means that a vast majority of our jobs can be carried out in the lone visit.

A highlight of service is that there are no hidden fees, we are completely up front with our cost structure, which has won us a loyal base of repeat customers.

We’re ready and waiting for your call, contact us today for all of your awning window repairs in Sydney on 1800 203 377!

Strata Repair Specialists: Lock & Roll for All Window and Door Repairs

Lock & Roll is the right choice for all Strata based repair and replacement solutions.

Whether it is to upgrade existing windows and doors to new regulation compliance, or simply the repair or replacement of now tired hardware, Lock & Roll offers a complete one-stop solutions-based service.

It begins with consultation with the Owner’s Corporation to understand the scope of the work required together with consideration of the latest required regulation compliance to satisfy insurance certification.

Working in conjunction with the Owners Corporation, a site visit is next to determine the detail parameters of the job and to consider alternative solutions, including cost options, before delivering a recommendation for consideration.

The key to Lock & Roll’s work in this area is constant, clear communication, ensuring all stakeholders know what work is happening when.

Common issues in Strata title complexes can include faulty or worn window winders, defective window and door locks, leaking weather seals that allow water, draughts or noise into apartments, or out of date hardware that no longer complies with the latest safety standards.

Using only the highest quality and proven products, Lock & Roll can provide quick, easy and affordable solutions to the Strata managers or individual owners for all these concerns.

Once accepted, Lock & Roll then puts a plan together for the implementation of the required repairs or replacement, with times allocated in a way that will provide minimal disruption to the residents.

A Certification of Compliance is then issued at the completion of the job.

Expert Sliding Door Repairs in Sydney by Lock and Roll

Why should you entrust your sliding door repairs to the team at Lock and Roll?

Our fully qualified technicians are the experts in their field, with their in depth knowledge of window and door repairs placing them at a distinct advantage to the “do it yourself” handyman.

Not only are Lock and Roll the professionals when it comes to domestic repairs, but the company also has extensive systems in place for working within the framework of strata title premises, as well as in the commercial settings.

This translates to peace of mind for the customer, with repairs carried out quickly and efficiently, with the full factory warranty for all parts used, as well as limiting workplace health and safety implications of having under-qualified internal staff carrying out repairs on commercial jobs.

Another strength of Lock and Roll are the company’s industry associations and accreditations, with the business carrying a full Master Security certification, so you know you are in safe hands.

Lock and Roll stands behind our workmanship, which we pledge to be of the highest level, while we also value the importance of our customer’s time, so if a technician is going to be late for a scheduled appointment, they will phone ahead as a courtesy.

Another strong point of the business is our policy of no hidden fees – the quote provided by Lock and Roll stands – we are one hundred percent up front with our pricing structure.

So trust your window and door repairs, maintenance and installations to the experts at Lock and Roll!

For a free of charge quote with no obligation, talk to the team today – contact us via this web page, or call us toll free on 1800 203 377!

Sliding Door Rollers – a Specialist Area for Repairs

There are a wide variety of sliding door types, coming in various sizes, shapes and constructions, as well as in a variety of settings, be it the home, a commercial or industrial premises.

Breaking this down further, there are glass, aluminium, timber and cavity sliding doors, all of which require unique hardware solutions, with rollers being an integral part.

With our decades of experience in the industry, Lock and Roll technicians know the precise issues to look for, with the hard working rollers typically a problem area.

These issues can be either from the rollers breaking, or prolonged use wearing them down, often causing issues for the internal bearings.

The rollers themselves are available for a massive array of applications for different sizes and shapes of doors, with the components designed to suit individual door designs and load ratings.

For instance, many external facing sliding doors have rollers located in their base, taking the full weight of the door, while others such as internal cavity doors tend to be lighter, with rollers located in the top of the design.

Outside of the rollers themselves, other parts of the sliding door system can wear or become damaged with long term use.

For instance, the sliding door tracks can become worn or warped via repeated openings and being walked on, while other items such as mohairs and seals can also pose issues with age.

While sliding doors can be cumbersome in nature, components like rollers can typically be easily accessed for repairs, although with cavity doors, the working of the track and rollers can be hidden within a wall space, an area which requires specialist attention.

Lock and Roll can also assist with the replacement and repairs associated with locks, latches and handles, not only with sliding doors, but also sliding windows.

Window Repairs 101: Fixing Your Glass Windows

Lock and Roll are the go to brand for all glass window repairs throughout Sydney, with our professional technicians the experts in all window and door repairs, maintenance and new installations.

No matter if you are a home, high rise, business, or industrial building, Lock and Roll have the know how to safely and securely fix your glass windows.

There are multiple types of glass windows found in buildings, each with their unique challenges, which the experts at Lock and Roll have the inside knowledge required to repair to the highest standard.

The main glass window types that need rectification include double hung windows, which slide up and down, awning windows, which swing out from the top, casement windows, which are hinged at the side, and the common sliding window, which glide horizontally.

Lock and Roll have the necessary components on hand to fix faults with components typical to all windows, such as locks, latches and handles.

Hinges are another common area on awning and casement windows that commonly seek repair works, with these window types also featuring stays, to keep the window open.

These window types are also often fitted with a chainwinder, which features intricate workings that can wear over time.

Lock and Roll have all of the replacement parts available, with the latest generation of glass window hardware long lasting, with corrosion free components ensuring an extended service life.

Sliding windows meanwhile are susceptible to damaged and worn out rollers and tracks, which can compromise their operation.

Weather seals and mohairs are other standard components that require attention, with these parts not only vital to the operation of the window, but also limit whistling and shaking in high wind situations, and keeping out draughts.

No matter the issue, if the glass window is hard to open or close, noisy or otherwise, talk to the experts at Lock and Roll today for a free quote!


What’s the Standard Door Size in Australia?

One size fits all… you’ve heard that expression before, and it’s kind of true about doors, because fundamentally Australian doors are sold in standard sizes.

Sure, you can have doors tailor-made in any size to suit specific architectural requirements, but these are always going to be much more expensive than doors made to the standard sizes ready made for installation.

Where choice comes in, particularly with external doors, there is an array of designs, materials and colours to choose from.

External doors are slightly thicker in depth (profile) to withstand the vagaries of the weather, where they are often exposed. The most popular external door height is 2040mm, with a width of 820mm, and a thickness of 40mm.

While the height is generally standardised at 2040mm and the thickness at 40mm, there several other common widths: 620mm; 720mm; 770mm; 870mm and 920mm.

Internal doors are not as thick as external ones, primarily because they don’t need to repel weather or provide security to the outside.

There are two basic styles of internal doors, panel and flush.

The panel door is usually made of wood with an inlaid panel, and is considered a more traditional style. These are often found in period or older homes. Panel doors are made of solid wood or (in more recent years) have a hollow body.

Flush doors have a core of solid material, usually made of laminated timber or plywood, and present a smoother finish (than a panel door), so they are easier to paint and maintain. The clean design of the flush door makes it the perfect choice for contemporary architecture.

The most common internal standard size for both panel and flush designs is a height of 2040mm and a width of 820mm (both the same as the external door), but with a thinner profile of 35mm.

However, internal doors also come in other common standard sizes, again with a height of 2040mm and a thickness of 35mm. Common alternate widths include 620mm; 720mm; 770mm; 870mm; 920mm.

Glass doors are different again, can be activated by sliding, folding, or swinging, and tend to vary in size with less commonality.

Again, the height is generally 2040mm, with regular widths of 520mm, 620mm, 720mm, 770mm, 820mm and 870mm, though larger glass doors are often tailor-made for specific applications.

The thickness of the glass is generally 13mm or 19mm but, again, can vary, with double-glazing increasingly popular. And by their very nature, glass doors tend to be part of a larger installation that includes multiple window panels.

In modern Australian housing design, doors for toilets, wardrobes are cupboards can be generally narrower too.

Adding a further layer of consideration when building or renovating a home, it is not just about whether to go for the less expensive standard size doors or more expensive bespoke tailor-made items.

Australian Standard AS 1428.1 (Design for access and mobility, Part 1: General requirements for access) for the height of door hardware require that these should be located between 900mm and 1100mm off the floor, which is around waist height for most adults.

Then you have to start thinking about what type of hardware you want – so, as you can see, there’s plenty to consider if you are building a new home or renovating.

So trust your window and door repairs, maintenance and installations to the experts at Lock and Roll, the leaders in the Sydney market!

For a free of charge quote with no obligation, talk to the team today – contact us via this web page, or call us toll free on 1800 203 377!

Should I Get My Door Repairs Done By An Expert Or Do It Myself?

There are almost as many door types as there are architectural styles, so the challenge of repairing faulty doors and locks can vary enormously.

Competent home handy persons can undoubtedly tackle any more minor adjustments and necessary maintenance tasks, but more significant issues that affect the integrity or security of a door really need the expertise of the experts.

An experienced door technician will bring with them the skills, the knowledge, and the right equipment to ensure a proper repair and, importantly, do so in a manner that prevents the problem from reoccurring.

That only comes from experience… dealing with and effecting repairs on all types of doors, all day, every day.

Sticky and misaligned locks are a common issue that afflicts ill-functioning doors and is usually caused by movement within the structure. In contrast, broken keys in locks or other foreign objects stuck inside the lock are common problems too.

Other door repairs are undertaken by the experts changing faulty parts, eliminating squeaks and stiffness, realigning a sagging, springing or misaligned door, or even replacing door glass or repairing a damaged door.

Replacing broken hinges, lock installations, as well as replacements are another vital aspect of door maintenance that the Lock & Roll’s experts are trained to take in their stride.

A Lock & Roll specialist have with them all the components needed to complete the door or lock service or repair on the spot, efficiently, in the least amount of time to ensure a high-quality job.

Confidence is another essential byproduct of bringing in the experts… confidence that the job is done correctly, professionally and will stand the test of time, so that it is as good as or better than new.

One of the biggest challenges in today’s high-tech world is the wide variety of locking systems now available on the Australian market.

Where once just about every external door had a key lock complete with a variety of deadbolts, today locks are high-tech. There’s combination locks, electronic keypad locks and locking systems with cameras that can be activated remotely by mobile phones.

These high-tech locking systems add a new layer of security to a property – and a level of installation and maintenance complexity that’s best left to the experts at Lock & Roll.

So trust your window and door repairs, maintenance and installations to the experts at Lock and Roll!

For a free of charge quote with no obligation, talk to the team today – contact us via this web page, or call us toll free on 1800 203 377!

Budget Friendly Door & Window Repairs

There’s nothing more frustrating as a homeowner than when previously working windows and doors start sticking, jamming, or failing to close.

Aside from the inconvenience, there is also a security element… leaving a house or apartment with a window or door open is tantamount to inviting some light-fingered locals to help themselves to your possessions.

When you’re experiencing problems with windows and doors, you will often be advised to replace the entire thing. However, this isn’t always necessary and can be expensive.

There are simple things you can do yourself to fix or reduce the problem, or call in the experts at Lock & Roll, without having to replace windows and doors.

Sticking Doors & Windows

Perhaps the most common door and window problem in houses is that they begin to stick.

Almost inevitably this is because there’s some movement in the house – very common right across Australia – and this distorts the door or window slightly, so that it no longer fits the opening correctly.

The good news is that there is adjustment built into doors via the hinges, which allow a certain amount of movement and positioning of the door panel in the opening. This will usually enable a door to be adjusted by trial and error to fit the opening correctly again.

With Sliding doors can jam and stop moving freely and is usually the result of a combination of factors starting with excessive force being used when opening and closing.

The starting point here is to clean out the rails that the door runs in (these tend to trap dirt and grit over time), and if the problem persists, it is likely that the rollers the door moves in or the rails themselves are damaged. A competent home handyman can replace both but if you are not sure, get the experts in.

Wooden sliding doors can be prone to rotting, which distorts the timber, and in this case, we’re getting into the realm of significant repairs or replacement of the entire door system, both best left to the experts.

Windows are a bit trickier because there are many different types, made in other materials, and some of which allow adjustment, and some don’t. The starting point is to take a look at the window and see if there is a way of adjusting it to fit correctly again.

In the case of timber framed windows, it might be that the wood has to be shaved a little to give it back free movement within the opening.

Faulty Locks

Locks that are sticking, not correctly seating home in the door frame or just not locking, are another common problem,

Again, the starting point is common sense.

Sticking locks usually just need a bit of lubrication on the lock mechanism mounted in the door itself to get things operating smoothly again. Somethings a little graphite powder on the key itself, inserted into the keyhole of the lock, will help free things up too.

Locks that don’t seat home in the door jamb mean that the door itself or the doorframe, have moved. The first thing to do here is to adjust the door so it fits properly, and hopefully the lock seats home too.

But if it doesn’t, it might mean moving the lock receptacle on the door jamb slightly to accommodate the movement. A competent handy person can achieve this in most cases.

The important outtake here is that these problems are relatively common and rarely repair the installation of an expensive new window or door.

Most problems can be quickly and easily rectified, whether by a skilled homeowner or an experienced Lock & Roll technician who can ensure your windows and doors operate like new, at a fraction of the cost associated with a replacement.

So trust your window and door repairs, maintenance and installations to the experts at Lock and Roll!

For a free of charge quote with no obligation, talk to the team today – contact us via this web page, or call us toll free on 1800 203 377!

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