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Lock & Roll is the right choice for all Strata based repair and replacement solutions.

Whether it is to upgrade existing windows and doors to new regulation compliance, or simply the repair or replacement of now tired hardware, Lock & Roll offers a complete one-stop solutions-based service.

It begins with consultation with the Owner’s Corporation to understand the scope of the work required together with consideration of the latest required regulation compliance to satisfy insurance certification.

Working in conjunction with the Owners Corporation, a site visit is next to determine the detail parameters of the job and to consider alternative solutions, including cost options, before delivering a recommendation for consideration.

The key to Lock & Roll’s work in this area is constant, clear communication, ensuring all stakeholders know what work is happening when.

Common issues in Strata title complexes can include faulty or worn window winders, defective window and door locks, leaking weather seals that allow water, draughts or noise into apartments, or out of date hardware that no longer complies with the latest safety standards.

Using only the highest quality and proven products, Lock & Roll can provide quick, easy and affordable solutions to the Strata managers or individual owners for all these concerns.

Once accepted, Lock & Roll then puts a plan together for the implementation of the required repairs or replacement, with times allocated in a way that will provide minimal disruption to the residents.

A Certification of Compliance is then issued at the completion of the job.

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