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Lock & Roll uses 3rd party supplied components and materials. 

All components and materials sourced from Australian Window Association members carry a six (6) year warranty except for:

1. Plated finishes

Hardware is available in a range of durable quality finishes obtained by careful processing and rigid specifications and standards. When selecting a finish, it is important that climatic conditions and frequency of usage be taken into consideration, as some finishes are more susceptible to deterioration than others. 

Note: Climatic conditions such as corrosive vapors, coastal air, humidity, salt spray and pollution all have a damaging affect. Even finishes providing the best possible protection cannot be guaranteed to maintain their original appearance under extreme conditions.

2. Moving parts carry a two (2) year warranty

3. Coastal conditions

Coastal environment is extremely harsh on finish and materials. Lock & Roll strongly recommends that any building situated within 5 kilometers of the coast or affected by direct coastal breeze, should only use PolesiumTM, aluminium or 316 grade stainless steel hardware. Lock & Roll recommends that all its products exposed to harsh climatic conditions should be washed and cleaned every month with a mild detergent to stop salt build up and all cylinders should be lubricated with a suitable graphite powder as we will not replace hardware that is in a corrosive environment.

4. Maintenance

See Lock & Roll’s Recommended Maintenance for Hardware

Components and materials not sourced from Australian Window Association members will carry the warranty of the company providing the component or material.

Lock & Roll can supply specific 3rd party warranty details upon request.

Lock & Roll workmanship is warrantied for two (2) years from date of invoice.

All warranties given do not replace or limit your rights under the Australian Consumer Law 2012. 

See Terms and Conditions for full information. 

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