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Lock and Roll are the go to brand for all glass window repairs throughout Sydney, with our professional technicians the experts in all window and door repairs, maintenance and new installations.

No matter if you are a home, high rise, business, or industrial building, Lock and Roll have the know how to safely and securely fix your glass windows.

There are multiple types of glass windows found in buildings, each with their unique challenges, which the experts at Lock and Roll have the inside knowledge required to repair to the highest standard.

The main glass window types that need rectification include double hung windows, which slide up and down, awning windows, which swing out from the top, casement windows, which are hinged at the side, and the common sliding window, which glide horizontally.

Lock and Roll have the necessary components on hand to fix faults with components typical to all windows, such as locks, latches and handles.

Hinges are another common area on awning and casement windows that commonly seek repair works, with these window types also featuring stays, to keep the window open.

These window types are also often fitted with a chainwinder, which features intricate workings that can wear over time.

Lock and Roll have all of the replacement parts available, with the latest generation of glass window hardware long lasting, with corrosion free components ensuring an extended service life.

Sliding windows meanwhile are susceptible to damaged and worn out rollers and tracks, which can compromise their operation.

Weather seals and mohairs are other standard components that require attention, with these parts not only vital to the operation of the window, but also limit whistling and shaking in high wind situations, and keeping out draughts.

No matter the issue, if the glass window is hard to open or close, noisy or otherwise, talk to the experts at Lock and Roll today for a free quote!


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