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Glass doors can come in many different shapes sizes and formats, each with their own specialist requirements.

Just some of the situations where you can find glass used in doors includes sliding doors, bi-fold doors, as well as hinged doors, with each susceptible to issues that need professional rectification.

Sliding glass doors can often develop problems with worn or broken rollers, which can be a very difficult part to replace, especially when the specification between the different rollers available on the market varies greatly, catering to a huge variety of door designs.

With their extensive knowledge, Lock and Roll technicians know the go-to parts, every time!

Another common problem can be found in the sliding glass door tracks, with damage or deterioration occurring to the aluminium.

Worn weather seals meanwhile can cause a range of issues, from whistling or shaking in high winds, to allowing draughts through, which ultimately can drive up heating or cooling costs.

Lock and Roll have all of the necessary parts and know how ready to go!

Bi-fold doors meanwhile can suffer from a range of issues which can be caused by factors such as age of the door, movement within the building, or simple every day wear and tear from extended use.

Any of these problems can cause the door to jam or shudder, making them hard to open or close properly.

Because they are a specialised door systems, the hardware involved in bi fold doors can be quite complex, with the hinges and tracks having to work in perfect harmony, which requires specialist attention.

The more standard hinged doors come in a variety of configurations, with glass commonly used in decorative front doors with a wooden frame, or often in the commercial setting with an aluminium frame.

Lock and Roll are adept at fixing hinged door issues, including problems surrounding the doors getting stuck when being open or closed, while the hinges can often have problems which require attention.

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