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There are almost as many door types as there are architectural styles, so the challenge of repairing faulty doors and locks can vary enormously.

Competent home handy persons can undoubtedly tackle any more minor adjustments and necessary maintenance tasks, but more significant issues that affect the integrity or security of a door really need the expertise of the experts.

An experienced door technician will bring with them the skills, the knowledge, and the right equipment to ensure a proper repair and, importantly, do so in a manner that prevents the problem from reoccurring.

That only comes from experience… dealing with and effecting repairs on all types of doors, all day, every day.

Sticky and misaligned locks are a common issue that afflicts ill-functioning doors and is usually caused by movement within the structure. In contrast, broken keys in locks or other foreign objects stuck inside the lock are common problems too.

Other door repairs are undertaken by the experts changing faulty parts, eliminating squeaks and stiffness, realigning a sagging, springing or misaligned door, or even replacing door glass or repairing a damaged door.

Replacing broken hinges, lock installations, as well as replacements are another vital aspect of door maintenance that the Lock & Roll’s experts are trained to take in their stride.

A Lock & Roll specialist have with them all the components needed to complete the door or lock service or repair on the spot, efficiently, in the least amount of time to ensure a high-quality job.

Confidence is another essential byproduct of bringing in the experts… confidence that the job is done correctly, professionally and will stand the test of time, so that it is as good as or better than new.

One of the biggest challenges in today’s high-tech world is the wide variety of locking systems now available on the Australian market.

Where once just about every external door had a key lock complete with a variety of deadbolts, today locks are high-tech. There’s combination locks, electronic keypad locks and locking systems with cameras that can be activated remotely by mobile phones.

These high-tech locking systems add a new layer of security to a property – and a level of installation and maintenance complexity that’s best left to the experts at Lock & Roll.

So trust your window and door repairs, maintenance and installations to the experts at Lock and Roll!

For a free of charge quote with no obligation, talk to the team today – contact us via this web page, or call us toll free on 1800 203 377!

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