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Professional Awning Window Repair and Replacement Services

Got a problem with your awning windows? In Sydney, that’s a common headache for homeowners, throwing off the comfort and style of your space.

At Lock & Roll, we tackle the annoyance of awning window damage head-on — be it never-ending drafts or jammed frames. Sydney’s harsh climate can turn a simple window issue into a major disruption. A faulty awning window is more than a small bother; it’s a dent in your home’s comfort shield.

But there’s good news. Welcome to Lock & Roll — Sydney’s answer to all awning window repair needs. We’re experts in ensuring your awning windows operate smoothly, adding to the quality of your home life. With a focus on Sydney’s unique housing styles, we specialise in tailored awning window repair solutions. Rely on Lock & Roll for skilled, precise repair services, making your awning windows in Sydney work like new.

Leading Service for Awning Window Repair in Sydney

In Sydney, awning window issues are a real pain for homeowners. If your windows stick, leak, or just won’t close right, Lock & Roll is ready to tackle these problems head-on.

We at Lock & Roll take on every repair with hands-on expertise. Sydney homes come alive when their awning windows get the care they need. We fix hinges, seals, and more. Ensuring every repair meets the unique flair of Sydney’s homes.

Lock & Roll doesn’t just repair; we perfect. Your Sydney home deserves windows that not only work but work beautifully. Our team blends local knowledge with technical expertise to enhance your home’s comfort and style.

Don’t put up with faulty windows. For top awning window replacement and precise repair in Sydney, reach out to Lock & Roll. We’re committed to service excellence and your complete satisfaction. Get in touch now and let’s make your awning windows the best they can be.

Why Your Awning Windows Might Need Lock & Roll's Touch

Chainwinder Repair & Replacement

Struggling with a stubborn window winder? Our awning window winder repair service guarantees effortless operation. Our skilled technicians swiftly diagnose and rectify any issues, restoring the convenience and ease of your windows.

Glass Window Repair

Damaged glass can affect the beauty of your windows. Our awning window glass replacement service is swift and efficient, ensuring your windows not only look immaculate but also provide unobstructed views while enhancing your home’s safety.

Seals & Mohair Replacements

Old or worn seals can lead to drafts and increased energy costs. Our service includes meticulous replacement of seals and mohair, enhancing the insulation and comfort of your home, making your awning windows Sydney’s model of efficiency and comfort.

Awning Windows Repair

Our technicians excel in awning window mechanism repair, ensuring every component functions seamlessly. We address the intricate details of the mechanism, promising a smooth experience every time you open or close your window.

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Why Lock & Roll is the Choice for Awning Window Repairs in Sydney

50+ Years Experience Serving Sydney

Lock & Roll stands out with over 50 years of experience in Sydney, showcasing deep-rooted expertise in awning window repairs. This extensive history reflects our profound understanding of local needs and architectural styles, ensuring tailored and efficient service for every Sydney home.

Multi-Award Winning Operation

Our accolades highlight our excellence in awning window repair. Each award underscores our commitment to outstanding service and customer satisfaction, making us a top choice for homeowners seeking reliable and recognised expertise in window care.

Quality Workmanship

We prioritise exceptional quality in every repair. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every window repair not only functions flawlessly but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home, setting us apart in workmanship.

6 Year Warranty Sydney Wide

Lock & Roll offers an unmatched 6-year warranty across Sydney, covering all awning window replacements. This warranty reflects our confidence in our work and commitment to providing long-term value and satisfaction to our clients.

Insured Service

Choosing us means opting for security and peace of mind. Our comprehensive insurance covers all aspects of window repairs, protecting you throughout the repair process. This assurance is a key reason why Sydney homeowners trust us with their window needs.

Licensed Technicians

Our team comprises highly skilled and licensed technicians, ensuring every window replacement and repair meets the highest standards of safety and quality. Their expertise and certification mean every job is done right the first time, providing reliable and safe window solutions.

Discover Excellence with Lock & Roll – Sydney’s Leaders In Awning Window Services

Elevate your home with Sydney’s leading experts in window repairs and replacements. Lock & Roll is your destination for top-notch awning windows Sydney solutions.

With a heritage spanning over fifty years, our award-winning service, and commitment to unmatched quality, we ensure your windows are impeccably cared for. Book your awning window repair or awning window replacement today and join the community of satisfied customers who trust Lock & Roll for exceptional window services in Sydney.

We Go Above & Beyond

Terry Crowdey
Terry Crowdey
13. July, 2020.
I had a very annoying design flaw in the windows of my unit which made them extremely difficult to clean. Everyone at Lock and Roll were extremely helpful, when they came out to inspect the windows they fixed the problem on all four windows in 30 minutes. It was quick painless and not expensive. Made cleaning a breeze and did it with no hassles. Great job guys you are the best.
12. July, 2020.
Good job done
Moira M
Moira M
21. May, 2020.
I found these guys to be extremely prompt, really friendly and highly professional.I would highly recommend them.
Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith
5. December, 2019.
Have had a great experience twice with Lock and Roll. They fixed two sliding doors for us and charged very reasonably. One door has a pre-existing problem with the frame, that needs replacing, something that Lock and Roll don't do, but because of this the door came off it's track again a few weeks later. They came out for free to put it on the track again. Tradesmen have all had a great, friendly, professional manner and are well presented so would recommend Lock and Roll for any window or sliding door repairs.
Julienne McCarthy
Julienne McCarthy
22. February, 2019.
David came to service our bifold doors. He and his assistant were friendly, helpful and very efficient. Pricing was also reasonable. Would not hesitate to call Lock & Roll again. Thanks for giving us back the freedom to use our outdoor room again.
Adam Epstein
Adam Epstein
21. February, 2019.
Excellent service all round. For a fraction of the price of new sliding doors, Sean & his team fixed old sliding doors and installed new locks and seals. Doors are like new.
Ken Levien
Ken Levien
19. February, 2019.
Repaired our sliding windows and was quoted $150 call out fee plus $149 for parts . It was determined that no parts were needed , only adjustment to existing parts was necessary taking 15 minutes. Charged $150 plus $120 technicians fee which I considered a “rip off “ ( I was not informed, prior, of a “technicians fee”). Subsequent to my complaint of overcharging I was contacted by their company Director who apologised for the overcharge and made an appropriate refund. They are therefore to be commended to the prompt response to the complaint and the satisfactory outcome.
10. February, 2019.
I can't speak highly enough of Lock & Roll. On time, did a great job with the repair and even offered to fix something else for me since he was already there at no extra charge!
Fix Awning Windows in Sydney

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