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Over two years ago, David Anderson from West Hoxton, decided to go down the path of becoming his own boss as a franchisee business owner.

“Being a part of a franchise group never crossed my mind until I stumbled across the Lock & Roll opportunity whilst job-hunting,” said Mr Anderson.

Lock & Roll’s business proposition is simple. They specialise in fixing the hardware and functionality of windows and doors. Hardware will inevitably deteriorate or fail over time with constant use, and doors can become stiff, making them almost impossible to slide.

“The scope of work and benefits were certainly appealing; a strong rewarding income, flexibility and an opportunity to build a business based on quality workmanship,” continued Mr Anderson.

Now managing the Leichhardt NSW territory, Mr Anderson has built a strong clientele consisting of strata management companies, fixing windows and doors for both rental and owner-occupied properties, along with time-poor residential homeowners.

“The main challenge I faced when starting the business was to learn about the hardware and technical side of things – but with Lock & Roll’s training programs and support, it made for a smooth transition.”

As a Lock & Roll franchisee, owners have the support of a pro-active operational team including a Training Manager, Franchisee Manager, Marketing Team, Business Director and General Manager. 

The focus for the operational team is to understand what their franchisees are looking to achieve and how they can improve the system by implementing support structures.

The flexibility is really what sold the idea of owning a franchised business to Mr Anderson. “I start my first job around 9am after I drop the kids to school. I’ll typically finish my day around 4pm and my partner helps me on a part-time basis with admin and invoicing in the evening. I still work hard but if I need to take time off, I can easily book it in.”

Mr Anderson’s advice for those considering buying a franchised business is to, “do your research, pick a good area and build your relationships in that area, be prepared to work hard and increase your skills – there’s a lot to learn.”

Lock & Roll’s window safety checklist for homeowners:

  • The Building Code of Australia allows a maximum opening of less than 12.5cm (representing the size of a young child’s head) for windows
  • By law, window safety devices must be installed on any open-able window that is 2 metres or more above the outside surface beneath
  • Ensure your sliding windows and doors glide smoothly to avoid jamming fingers 
  • Have a professional fit security screens to your windows to act as a deterrent to burglars along with key-operated locks for further peace of mind


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