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Australia’s varying climatic conditions means that everyone experiences weather a little differently.

But one thing every Australian has in common is a need to make their homes as weather-proof as possible.

Whether it is keeping the heat in during a long cold winter, or keeping the heat out in a long hot summer, it’s important to make sure your home’s windows and doors are operating as efficiently as possible.

That’s where regular or rectification maintenance comes in.

Doors or windows that don’t seal properly or close tightly, are costing you money.

Your heating or air-conditioning is literally seeping out the door (or window), meaning that the heating or cooling source has to work that much harder, and longer, to keep you comfortable. You’re paying for that.

To minimise this seepage, it makes sense to check all your windows and doors for correct operation and sealing, and rectified any issues or get the professionals in to do it. 

Warped frames or doors, winders that don’t seal the window against the outer frame, locks and hinges that don’t pull the door tight against the door jam; these are all things that contribute to inefficient heating and cooling. And all are easily rectified.

Taking this efficiency to an absolute level, you could also consider running a narrow felt tape around the inside of all window and door openings, to create the perfect seal.

For those of you old enough, remember those flexible cloth-covered ‘sausages’ that Grandma used to use as draft excluders at the bottom of her doors?

As silly as they looked or as they sound, they’re actually a great way of further keeping the heating or cooling in a room. Sometimes the old ideas still have great salience.

The short term cost of getting some repairs or servicing done will be more than compensated by the long term benefits of reduced utility bills by having an efficient home heating and cooling system.

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