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Over the past 15 years, technology has evolved at unheralded speeds, culminating in the creation of new industries, platforms and consumer services.

While Software-as-a-Service platforms have emerged as the great beneficiary of the tech revolution, power people has seen a resurgence in popularity, buoyed by the aptly named ‘Do-It-For-Me’ generation.

A focus on building up digital resources has left a vacancy in essential handyman skills, opening the door for DIY dealers to provide labour, repair and installation services to the public.

Locally, the demand for practical operators with multi-discipline skills is at an all-time high, perpetuated by Australia’s ageing population and strong rental market.

Businesses that operate within the home services sector have enjoyed steady growth, with technical knowledge proving a valuable commodity in the contemporary domestic working landscape.

Specialist window and door repair, maintenance and upgrade franchise, Lock & Roll provides services to both residential and commercial property owners and managers.

After successfully operating a franchise model in New Zealand, the brand invested time and money to ensure that the award-winning franchise would translate to the Australian market.

Earlier this year, Lock & Roll launched its Australian franchise operations and has since developed a strong following in Sydney, proving to be a successful path for experienced technicians to enter the world of business ownership.

Established with extensive, industry-specific product and market knowledge, Lock & Roll’s franchise model provides prospective franchisees with an affordable and realistic opportunity for growth.

Backed by on-going training and extensive support, franchisees are gifted with more than just technical knowledge on how to fix windows and doors.

The brand provides assistance in all facets of business operation, from hiring staff, to financial accounts and tax returns, marketing and advertising, wealth creation and personal career growth.

Lock & Roll is a tried and tested franchise brand with a strong history of providing excellent service to the community and an excellent opportunity for personal franchisee growth.

As the demand for essential home-services grows in Australia, specialisation will prove to be a defining factor the success of a business.

For more information on becoming a Lock & Roll franchise, get in touch with us here.

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