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Lock & Roll’s customer base is growing year on year with the emergence of the Do-It-For-Me generation, changing regulations and time-poor people.

Our business proposition is simple. We specialise in windows and doors repair. Hardware will inevitably deteriorate or fail over time with constant use. 

Window handles and latches work loose or break, sliding door and bi-fold rollers gum up and become brittle, making doors almost impossible to slide and window friction stays work loose over time. 

So why does this present a sizeable business opportunity? It’s largely down to two key trends we noticed back in the 1990’s. The loss of D.I.Y. skills and an increasing prevalence of time-poor people. 

Career demands and significant family commitments mean most residential property owners are time-poor. Any spare time they do have, is understandably used to relax and recharge. 

The days of tinkering in a shed with dad or grandad and tending to household maintenance has simply disappeared. Our customers are the Do-It-For-Me generation, who simply buy-in services they need.

Unfortunately, as a result of today’s work-driven lifestyle, the elderly are lacking neighbourly or family support. Consequently they also have to rely on property maintenance services for any work required in their home.

In the residential sector, these trends along with the desire to have homes as sanctuaries result in people putting a priority on knowing their homes are safe and secure.

In the commercial sector, there has been a move to seek specialist skills rather than generalist services partly driven by Workplace Health and Safety and governement requirements. Commercial customers must ensure their business is safe and that all contractors can provide proof of WHS compliance.

This is all great news for Lock & Roll Franchises, as the demand for our service grows year-on-year in both the residential and commercial markets.

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