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Being there for the key moments in your kids’ lives is an ideal every parent aims for.

At Lock & Roll we believe in family and our franchisees being able to spend quality time together. So, we have created a business that allows our franchise owners to build their working life around the key moments in their family life, giving them the flexibility to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Lock & Roll has franchise available right now, creating an opportunity to be your own boss, set your own hours, and reap the personal rewards of how hard you work.

Who are Lock & Roll?

Lock & Roll is a specialist window and door repair, maintenance and upgrade service for domestic and commercial property owners and managers.

Our target customer base includes the emerging Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) generation and time-poor homeowners, as well as residential property management services and commercial building managers, who need to comply with ever-changing industry regulations.

With Australia’s ageing population, there is also increasing demand from this sector who are no longer able to manage such repairs themselves. 

Lock & Roll’s business proposition is simple

Lock & Roll specialises in fixing the hardware and functionality of windows and doors. With constant use hardware will inevitably deteriorate or fail over time. 

Window handles and latches can become loose or break and sliding and bi-fold doors can become stiff, making them difficult or almost impossible to slide.

Lock & Roll identified an opportunity to provide these services in a mobile model and over a three year period tested its proposition with three operating licensees in Sydney. Its market research looked into what customers want, what works and what doesn’t work.

Not surprisingly, Lock & Roll found that the most common customer complaints were dealing with tradespeople who either turned up late or leaving a mess behind when they do turn up.

At Lock & Roll, we are determined to change that – it’s now offering the franchise opportunities nationally and is looking for good people with the right attitude, able to deliver a positive customer experience who want to own a franchise.

Key to being a successful Lock & Roll franchisee will be our extensive training in all aspects of the business opportunity, from the practicalities of the work to the interface with customers. 

All supported by an extensive Lock & Roll operational team that can be called upon at any stage to assist or impart further knowledge.

Lock & Roll works with franchisees to show them how they can earn a strong and rewarding income, while building a business that has intrinsic value and will fit around family and work – life commitments.

And the good news is that right now there is no shortage of work for new franchisees.

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