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Lock & Roll Certified as a Strata Services Company Specialist

Lock & Roll is proud to announce that we have been certified as a Strata Services Company Specialist by Strata Community Australia (NSW).

As part of the SCA (NSW) Strata Services Specialist course, this will equip service providers within the strata industry, such as Lock & Roll, with specific knowledge. This will enable us to provide a professional and unique service that considers the needs of strata owners and strata managers.

Strata Services Specialists have a sound knowledge of and commitment to working within strata schemes, community schemes and company title buildings and their associated rules and by-laws.

New Test Methodology for Fall Prevention Devices Released

Standards Australia have recently published a new standard for the test methodology of windows fitted with fall prevention devices, such as screens and window restrictors.

It covers both laboratory testing of restriction devices, screens or barriers that form part of a window system as well as on site testing of devices, screens or barriers that have not been tested as part of the window system.

The new standard is designated AS 5203 – Protection of Openable Windows/Fall Prevention – Test Sequence and Compliance Method.

For more information on the new standards, visit the AWA website.

Maintenance tips to ensure windows and doors work better for longer

In addition to providing repair, replacement and security services for windows and doors, Lock & Roll can also provide advice and recommendations for people who want to keep their homes in top condition.

Inside the home

  • Double hung windows – Ensure that springs or spirals are correctly adjusted.
  • Awning and casement windows – Apply a light lubricant such as Lock & Roll’s Teflon spray to the rivets of window stays, followed by opening and closing the window about 10 times, to maintain ease of opening.
  • Fixing catches and handles – Lubricate regularly, and replace as required.
  • Maintaining sliding doors and windows – Do not oil rollers, instead wash them with hot soapy water.

Outside the home

  • Maintaining powder-coated surfaces – regular cleaning every six months in country areas, monthly for industrial and seafront environments. Do not use solvent cleaners stronger than mineral turpentine or methylated spirits, and ensure the solvent is thoroughly rinsed from the surface.
  • Caring for anodised surfaces – regular cleaning by abrading carefully with ultra fine grade green scouring pads.

Timber windows

  • Checking putty – if your window has been reglazed recently, ensure that the rebate has been primed. Wait for about three weeks after reglazing for the oil to dry from the putty before applying primer. Old putty can be removed and replaced if your windows have become dried and cracked.
  • Keeping hinges moving – Lubricate the butt hinges on wooden windows, but do not paint them.

Alliances & Partnerships

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