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Window Repair & Maintenance

Lock & Roll is experienced with all aspects of window repairs and maintenance.

With technicians all over Sydney, we can repair or replace all components on all brands and ages of timber and aluminium windows including winders, rollers, locks, hinges, stays, spiral or spring balances and handles.

We have technicians servicing customers all over the Sydney area so feel free to get in touch with us!

Common Repairs and Improvements

Winder Replacements

Many opening windows with fly screens have winders which can corrode or stiffen with age. Lock & Roll has new corrosion free replacements to help with this.

Roller Replacements

Lock & Roll carry replacements for all models of sliding windows and have a stainless steel capping track to make the window slide almost like new.

Seals & Mohair Replacements

Lock & Roll carry replacement seals which enable smooth operation of the windows and protect the home against dust and draughts.

Timber Sliding Window Replacements

Lock & Roll technicians have extensive experience with sliding window systems and have access to a large range of parts suitable for timber windows.

Glazing Seal Replacements

Lock & Roll technicians can assist with replacing glazing seals, where the glass does not need to be removed.
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Timber Window Sash Replacements

Lock & Roll has a range of fittings for most styles of timber windows and can recommend upgrade products if required by the customer.

Spring & Spiral Replacements

If your spiral or spring balances are corroded and need replacing, it is important that you have someone experienced work on it for the safety of your window operation.

Double Hung Windows Repairs

With our technicians operating all across Sydney, we can help all aspects of double hung window repairs and replacement

Sliding Windows Repairs & Replacements

Lock & Roll technicians are experienced with all aspects of sliding window repairs and replacements. We have the knowledge and tools to work on all components of sliding windows.

Awning & Casement Windows

Lock & Roll technicians are experienced with all aspects of awning and casement window repairs and replacements
*Remedy of leaks often can be very difficult. With our Best Practice Standards, Lock & Roll can carry out assessments of leaks and make recommendations for possible remedy. While our 20 years of franchise experience give us confidence in our approach to the remedy of leaks, in all cases however, the repair process is trial and error and a remedy cannot be guaranteed.

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