Window and Door Security & Safety

Lock & Roll can provide some relatively simple solutions to ensure your home is safe, secure and comfortable. 

Your safety and that of your family is our priority. Security of windows and doors is a personal issue. 

With technicians all over Sydney, Lock & Roll can assist you in determining the level of security you may require and advise on what products will best suit your needs.

We can help improve security of your windows & doors

Child Safety Window Restrictor Installation

Every year around 50 children fall from windows or balconies in Australia. Lock & Roll can install stainless steel safety restrictors to meet the required Building Code standards.

Security Locks

To keep you and your family safe we carry a range of security locks for all types of windows. Lock & Roll technicians have the extensive experience to give you the right advice.

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Fire Door Hardware Maintenance

Lock & Roll have the experience and know-how to provide all maintenance on fire door hardware to make sure they are working properly when they need to be.

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Programmed Maintenance

Most window and door hardware fails simply because it is never serviced or adjusted. Our technicians can conduct annual programmed maintenance which could substantially increase the working life of your hardware.

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Broken Glass

Lock & Roll can assist with broken glass on your property that either forms a part of a larger job or project manage replacement glass for a strata manager and building facility managers (with whom we have a relationship).

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Security Doors & Screens

Lock & Roll can replace and install security doors and screens on both residential building and commercial building. We offer a range of product to suit the security risk profile of your building.

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*Remedy of leaks often can be very difficult. With our Best Practice Standards, Lock & Roll can carry out assessments of leaks and make recommendations for possible remedy. While our 20 years of franchise experience give us confidence in our approach to the remedy of leaks, in all cases however, the repair process is trial and error and a remedy cannot be guaranteed.

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