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What is Lock & Roll and what do you do?

Lock & Roll is a specialist window and door repair, maintenance and upgrade service for domestic and commercial property owners and managers. With over 45 years of industry background and 10 years servicing Sydney, Lock & Roll has the knowledge and experience for all door and window requirements.

Am I the right person for a Lock & Roll franchise?

Lock & Roll franchisees come from all walks of life. Their success is not dependent on what they’ve done in the past, but how they’ll act and think in their future.

We’re looking for people who are:
  • Engaging, happy and outgoing
  • Self-starters and entrepreneurial
  • Clean and tidy workers
  • Proud of their work
  • Great at following business systems and processes
  • Cool, calm and collected, especially in the face of stress and change
  • Go-getters with a can-do attitude

What does it cost to invest in a Lock & Roll franchise?

Capital investment is approximately $100,000 which includes a $35,000 franchise fee and $65,000 for your own van stocked with tools and signage.

What sort of qualification or technical skills do I need to run a Lock & Roll franchise?

Tradespeople are preferred however if you are handy with tools then a Lock & Roll franchise can work for you. Even though you may already have excellent D.I.Y skills, we’ll teach you the specific skills you’ll need for our business. 

We do this as part of a comprehensive induction program. You’ll get hands-on experience and also have the opportunity to ride alongside an existing technicians to see how they do their job.

We don’t just provide you with the technical knowledge and skills, we also spend time to grow you as a business owner. We’ll help you manage all facets of your business, from hiring staff, doing financial accounts and tax returns and personal growth.

What type of support will I receive?

As a Lock & Roll franchisee you will be running your own business, but unlike a sole trader, you’ll have the support of the following team:

  • Training Manager - for all on-the-job know how and technical training
  • Franchisee Manager - to help guide and support you as you build your business
  • Marketing Team - to assist you with advertising and marketing initiatives across print, local and digital channels
  • Business Directors & General Manager - who have had prior experience in building successful, award-winning businesses.

Who is the Lock & Roll target market?

Lock & Roll’s customers covers the entire spectrum of residential and commercial markets. This includes residential, time-poor property owners; elderly homeowners without family to assist them; strata property and facilities managers; commercial property owners and managers and plenty more!

What makes a successful Lock & Roll franchise?

If you’re a practical, hands-on sort of person who loves engaging with people, you’re almost there. If you like D.I.Y, you’ll probably find the hands-on side of the business pretty straight forward, however to create a great business you’ll need to be good at some other things. Our best operators are people persons. They’re outgoing and personable with a sunny disposition. They also have good organisational skills with an attention to detail and most importantly they have a real drive to succeed.

How does the future look for the Lock & Roll business?

Our customer base is growing year on year with the emergence of the Do-It-For-Me generation, changing regulations and time-poor people. Career demands and significant family commitments mean most residential property owners are time-poor. Any spare time they do have, is understandably used to relax and recharge. 

The days of tinkering in a shed with dad or grandad and tending to household maintenance has simply disappeared. Our customers are the Do-It-for-Me generation, who simply buy-in services they need. This is all great news for Lock & Roll Franchises, as the demand for our service grows year-on-year in both the residential and commercial markets.

How do I get started?

If you feel Lock & Roll is the opportunity you have been waiting for then lock in your future now with us by emailing us at franchise@lockandroll.com.au or calling us 02 9651 3444.


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