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Genuinely care about your customer and just follow our footsteps.

Due Diligence & Financing

To make an informed decision, it’s important that you seek independent advice before you commit to a Franchise. 

We will provide you with as much information as possible, but we strongly encourage you to do your own research as well. Some of the things you should consider are:

  • What income requirements you’ll need from the business to meet your personal commitments and whether this is realistic
  • Who will be involved in the business on a day-to-day basis
  • What skills you might need to acquire
  • Who will be managing the books and collecting payments


Although you may already have excellent D.I.Y skills, we’ll teach you the specific skills you’ll need for our business. We do this as part of a comprehensive induction program. 

You’ll get hands-on experience and also have the opportunity to ride alongside an existing technicians to see how they do their job.

We take you through all systems and processes relating to the business from the moment a service request arrives through to job completion, invoicing and reporting. 

You’ll understand how to log service requests, use our cloud-based CRM and accounting software, access on-line help and product directories, how to order stock, how best to advertise in your market and all sorts of tips and tricks. 

We make sure you have a huge amount of help and knowhow well before you start. You are not alone but part of a team.


We meet regularly to review new product developments, update operational training required, review processes and systems, ensure health & safety compliance is up to date, network with key suppliers and have a general catch up with members of the team. To keep your knowledge current we have regular new product training.

Operational In-Field Support

Every one of our Franchisees will encounter an issue that they need assistance with from time to time; you’ll be no different. 

Our training manager is your dedicated problem solver, available at the end of a phone call to help guide you or we will meet you on site. 

You’ll also have access to web-based information that provide tips and ticks other Franchisees have encountered and shared. 

If you have the time to expand you knowledge and continuously up-skill, you’ll not only find the work easy to complete, you’ll have happy engaged customers who share their experience with others.

Getting Kitted Out

While you are training, we make sure all the other things you need are set to go including:

  • Branding, fitting out and stocking your van
  • Ensuring you have the tools you’ll need
  • Setting up any software, apps and payment portals you’ll need
  • Ordering your uniforms
  • Printing business cards
  • Getting a supply of advertising material to you
  • Arranging local start-up advertising
  • Getting your mobile phone set up to our group buying deal
  • Insurance and regulatory requirements

Finances & Administration

If this is the first time you’ve been in business you’ll love our simple and intuitive cloud-based accounting and CRM software. 

You’ll be able to monitor your business in real-time which is essential for keeping track of service requests, customer payments and understanding your costs and profits. 

On top of this we’ll provide monthly management reports in plain English. You’ll find it easy to understand your numbers and you don’t need to spend hours reporting information. 

We will also help you set up your accounting system. We are here for support and help.

Support Once You're Underway

The great thing about being a Franchisee is that you’re never alone.

It’s our mission to help you succeed so we’ve established robust systems to support you along the way.

For starters you’ll have training and open access to fellow Franchisees. They’ve been through your journey and are happy to share their tips, tricks and stories. We encourage and facilitate you getting together informally whenever you can.

Introduction to Key Clients

We will accompany you on your first visits to key accounts that we’ve established at Head Office and help guide you to build on-going commercial relationships. Successful Franchisees look after these clients ensuring they keep regular contact with them, and thanking them for their work.

Annual Planning & Reviews

We all know that business planning is vital to keep us focused but mention planning to most business owners and there’s normally a groan. 

Fear not! 

We use simple tools and templates which will change the way you view planning. Our strategic plan is only two pages long! We’ll teach you how to use these tools and believe it or not, you’ll reference them daily.

Digital & Online Tools

You will have access to the Lock & Roll Intranet for other Franchisee contact details, catalogues, technical data from all the major hardware companies in the industry.


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