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​We’re not rocket scientists. We fix windows and doors, but we are experts in what we do and we do it in a way that gets us noticed.

The most common customer complaint we hear is tradesmen not showing up when planned and leaving a mess behind. 

There’s nothing that riles them more than taking time out of their day to meet a tradesman, to find that he doesn’t show up and worse, doesn’t phone to say why. It’s not hard to stand out in the service industry, you just have to do the simple things well and be reliable.

We phone to book an appointment that’s convenient for our customers. We always arrive on time or phone if we’re going to be unavoidably delayed. Our vans are fully equipped so that we can get to work straight away and there’s normally no need to go away to get parts.

We are careful in our customers’ homes, tidying up before we leave and we use secure lock up procedures, so our customers can trust us to work unsupervised if need be.

Finally, we know our stuff. Our training and technical support ensures we can solve most window and door problems.

Our Specialist Services

There is no other window and door repair service with our level of knowledge and if the parts are still made we will find them. We fix just about any window or door, irrespective of age or brand of joinery.

How the Business Works

Customers make contact with us via our 1800 number or website.

Jobs and leads are automatically allocated to you from the customer call centre using a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management system. 

The automated customer allocation system prevents influence or interference, ensuring a reportable, fair and transparent system for the allocation of jobs. 

Alternatively, customers may also come directly to you as a result of your local advertising.

Once customers are assigned to you, you’ll make direct contact with them, to arrange a time to visit, quote, deliver your services, invoice them and collect payment. 

Both CRM and the accounting systems are cloud based to ensure data is safe and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


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