Fire Door Replacements

Does your current fire door need replacing? 

Give Lock & Roll a call on 1800 20 33 77 or book a call back today!

Having the right fire door is an important safety consideration. In order to make sure your fire door is compliant, up to standard and properly maintained, you need to seek a professional's help.

Lock & Roll technicians have all the expertise in order to help you assess your needs, then recommend and replace your fire doors as proper fire door replacement is crucial for building safety. 

Lock & Roll technicians have the experience, knowledge and tools to fix a wide range of common door faults on hinged, sliding and bi-fold doors whether in a commercial building or residential property. 

This includes: replacing worn locks, improve door security, install automatic door closers; replacing sliding door locks, wheels and rollers and tracks; fitting replacement guides and wheels, replacing worn hinges and flush bolts and plenty more.

With Lock & Roll technicians operating all across the Sydney area, we can help get your fire door replaced with no hassle and in no time at all. 

We guarantee that all work carried out by Lock & Roll will be completed at the highest level of workmanship. If you require assistance with fire door replacements, give Lock & Roll a call today.

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