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Exclusive Advertising Territories

Prime Marketing Area is your territory to market yourself. 

In the PMA you can directly advertise using the Lock & Roll brand including contact details being 1800 number, your Lock & Roll mobile telephone number, our Facebook site, the website and email addresses. 

It’s your area to promote your services and grow your reputation.

You can service customers outside of your territory that have been gained through existing relationships or your networking activities done within your defined territory, however, you can’t actively promote or network outside your PMA. 

We strongly encourage cooperative work with your surrounding franchisees. We use statistical analysis and postcodes, define territories and mark boundaries.

You can be assured that all service requests through the Customer Care Centre, by phone, email, website or other digital activities, will be allocated by PMA.

Continuous Improvement

Successful companies constantly challenge what they do, why they do it and how they do it. We are regularly looking for ways to improve our services for customers, support to franchisees and the systems we employ at all levels of our business.

Complete Business Solution

From day one, you’ll have what you need to start building a successful business including product knowledge and training manuals, a fully stocked van, marketing material, uniforms, customer management systems, payment gateways and accounting services. 

It’s all part of the package, you shouldn’t need to develop anything yourself. We’ve tried to think about every aspect of our business from the moment of customer enquiry, to delivering our service, collecting payment and following up. We want to provide the best possible experience for you and your customers.

Strong Brand & Clear Message

We’ve invested heavily over the past 6 years to create a strong brand that resonates with our customers with a clear and simple message:

Lock & Roll – we fix windows & doors


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